A beginner’s guide to CalendarTree

  • Let's say you want to send a schedule of events to a group.
  • It might be a game schedule, meeting schedule, training schedule, birthday list... whatever.
  • You type it up and send it to everyone by email.
  • Now you're feeling good about yourself. It's a job well done.
  • But the people who get your schedule hate your dinosaur guts...
  • ...because they need to retype the entire schedule into their own calendars. (Grrr)
  • Had the dinosaur used CalendarTree, his team could add the schedule to their personal calendars with a few clicks.
  • CalendarTree works with... Google calendar, Outlook calendar & Apple Calendar
Drawn by Scott Adams himself!

How it works

CalendarTree is the easy (and polite!) way to create and share schedules that users can add to their personal calendars with a few clicks. No sign-in is required for people to accept the schedules you wish to share.

Add schedules to your Google Calendar, Apple Calendar or Outlook & automatically get updated with any changes

Compatible calendars

Compatible with Apple Calendar, Google™ calendar and Outlook™ Calendar.

Secure Access

Secure access

Secure log-in and access to your calendar history.

Share schedule multiple ways

Share schedule

Share schedule via email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or website widget.

Send notifications when the schedule changes


Automatically notify users by email when the schedule changes.

Send emails easily to individuals or to all connections

Email group

Easily email anyone in your group who is connected to your schedule.

Share admin controls

Admin Sharing

Allow someone else to manage an individual schedule.

The easy way to create and publish schedules